Alexa Chung is my style icon :)

After wearing school uniform for over 5 years, when I went to college and didn't need to wear uniform anymore I used to look at the other students style and tried to copy them.I felt like I needed to fit in.It didn't take me long to realise their style wasn't mine.I just needed to be myself. "But who am I?" I knew I was creative as I had just finished an art and design course which I really enjoyed... I decided to enrol at Chelsea and Kensington college where I studied Interior design  for a year..I completed that year and took my next 2 years in Nottinghill where I was surrounded by creative people like myself. I knew this was the place for me. I loved being surrounded by the quirky shops, cafes and the vintage hot spot Portobello Market. I just wanted to be different from everyone else and stand out from the crowd. I took advantage of being in these surroundings :) I started shopping on Portobello Road, I loved the different shops and just felt like this is where I should be. I said to myself "Zodie you have found yourself".

Whilst reading my favourite Fashion magazines LOOK and Company, I came across Alexa Chung. I didn't take to her style at first but the more I saw her the more I started to love her style.

Alexa Chung is the British beauty, a TV-presenter, model and an IT-girl. When it comes to fashion, her laid back, tomboyish, yet feminine and chic outfits never seem to disappoint me, which makes her my favourite style icon in Britain. Alexa Chung is a very tall and skinny girl  just like me. I love how she makes an outfit look effortless and mixes items together whether its colours, materials, sizes or patterns and brings Vintage pieces to her outfits. She loves showing off her legs by wearing short skirts, dresses and shorts. If you have legs its great to show them. She also wears skinny jeans which I think are so comfortable and can wear with pretty much anything. Even though she shows off her legs she still looks very angelic and not at all provocative but she always makes sure to cover the rest of her body.

 Alexa Chung brought back the socks and heels, which is so in this season, which I wear all the time, thanks to her she makes it look so casual but also stylish for any outfit. I love Over sized Jumpers and Cardigans great for festivals and day time the slouchier the better :).

Alexa Chung is TRULY MY STYLE  ICON, now when I go shopping I know exactly what I'm looking for which is such a great feeling, NO MORE BRINGING CLOTHES BACK !!!!! :)


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