Waiting for my weekly schedule to arrive I was excited that I was off.
BRIGHTON FASHION WEEK - The Closing Party - Bringing back the 50's HERE I COME!!!!.
Planning my outfit I was excited and wanted to look the part. Trying on so many outfits whilst doing a little catwalk for my mum I finally decided on the one. Up and ready to be inspired I started ironing my clothes. Steam, water and iron at the ready I pressed down on my dress, OMG the water from the iron all over my dress including streaks of brown marks I was so upset :(. Time to decide on another outfit, it didn't take me long as I had an idea in my head.
 Ready to hit the road we set off at 9:00am 1st stop pick up my sister then my cousin.
The weather was terrible rain drops on the car window trees blowing in the wind, I wasn't gonna let the weather spoil my day.
We finally arrived at Brighton which is a town full of creative people, quirky Boutiques, Vintage shops which is a dream. Standing outside The Dome on church street where the show was held I entered the big grand doors where I got my hand stamped, I was so excited. Surrounded by the Catwalk, Designers, Models, Vintage stalls and clothes I felt right in my element.
So we took our seats ready to watch the catwalk of the favourite fashion pieces from the high street including : French Connection, Urban Outfitters, and Warehouse. Followed by New Designers and vintage stores. Being involved in the fashion shows styling the models, seeing the latest pieces on the high street, taking pictures of my favourite fashion items is something that I would love to do as a career it would be a dream come true :)
Definitely going back next year hopefully be part of the show. Will just have to wait and see :)


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