ROCK AND ROLL- Want to create an edgy look for a indie night out or just for everyday :) These shorts are so vertisale they can wear with pretty much anything, by mixing prints is so on trend this season and this is the great way to do it :) Feel abit chilly just add this Jumper, the whole outfit is from Topshop :)


  1. This is such a beautiful outfit! Love the boots and the bag so much. Brilliant blog, great work.

    Bethany Paige (from XX

  2. aaaww thank you so much... the boots and bag are from tophop :) I love them too x

  3. Hey i love your blog! I love the shirt,bag and boots. Can't wait for your next post. I've just followed :) follow me back xx

    1. thank you so much. more to come, defo following back :) x

  4. i love this blog! this look is really great, i followed:) follow back? xx


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