Favourite Store Wednesdays...... MONKI

To dream is to have your mind toss the paair and then trying to read the truth about you in the pattern they form.
A dream is the only place where you can know more and less about yourself at the same time. Dreaming functions as dress-rehersal for your challenges of tomorrow. (Or you might just dream something beautiful).
Dreams in colour can mean that you are dreaming, knowing that you are dreaming.
Dreaming is a traditional road to finding yourself. Emerging from a world of colours.
Hey my viewers, every Wednesday i'm going to be posting my favourite store.
A Swedish store MONKI has come to london, this store is so unqiue and fresh.
I remember the first time I took a trip to this store...I did not want to come out, I wanted to buy everything in store :)
It has some amazing jumpers, shirts, tapered trousers, Jackets, skirts long or short and shoes at reasonable prices.


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