Urban Outfitters - Student Night Event.......My Outfit - I CAN BE YOUR STYLIST?????

Dress - Topshop - £15.00
Shirt - H&M - £7.99

Date: Wednesday 26th of September

What a Night.....!!!!, As I prepared for the night to come, I was so excited to put what I have learnt during a 1 week course to work.
It hit 6 pm and I rushed down to get changed for the night ahead......SUPER EXCITED :)
Back onto the shop floor music playing my favourite beats and customers enjoying the 20% off discount night, drinks flowing and people chatting. I was ready for the night to begin.
As I headed to the first floor I was excited for my customers to style, looking and asking " Would you like to be styled today?" I felt in my comfort zone.
I sumbled accross a group of girls and got one of them to style....IT WAS AMAZING.

                                       AFTER                                                    BEFORE

This was my client.
Shes about 5ft2, a petite girl.
Her style is very tomboy and comfortable abit grunge aswell.
I asked her a few questions:
1. What does she prefer skirts, dresses or trousers?
A - Trousers
2. What size she is?
A - M
The rest was down to my knowledge.....
The most important question I wanted to ask the customer was -
Would she wear the outfit I chose for her?
A- No
I was really happy with the outfit I chose her and so was she. She actually would wear it.
I went for a competely different look, but also sticking to what I was told.
All outfit from www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk.
I went for these Sparkle&Fade Black soft jeans with a Leather bottom, keeping it tomboy but with abit of an edge.
White BDG shirt buttoned to the top.
I also added this sequin holely jumper new to the store to add some sparkle.
With this Burgundry blazer coat to keep it smart.
I had the time of my life. :)
Thanks for really this post guys and girls and I hope maybe I can help you one day :)


  1. How exciting, I love your outfit and how you've styled the girls outfit too :)


    1. aaaawww thankyou so much..I had such a good time dressing her was so much fun :)


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