My Outfit for today :)

Shirt - MINK PINK Urbanoutfitters
Skirt- Urbanoufitters
Ankle boots - Urbanoutfitters
Hat - Topshop

With Fashion I always dream about what I'm going to wear for that day lol I know weird right!!! but as you can tell FASHION IS MY LIFE :)
 I always think no matter where you go, be stylish, confident and show your personality.
It's not only words that can express how you feel, Clothes can do it too :)
I love a bargain when I go shopping both these items was only £10 each...I was so excited :) especially that the shirt was a designer brand of where I work....It was so cheap they was gone in like 2 days.
So girls dont try too hard, just go with what you think is right, you can surprise yourself :)
So tell me what was your best bargain????


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