My First Photo-Shoot as a Stylist

 First project 


The End Result :-)

More pics 

Fashion designer: Gerli Liivamägi (
Photographer - Anastasia Harris Photography
Model: Viktoria Belany
Make Up Artist: Jade Bartley
Stylist: Zodie Myles 

I got the opportunity to work with one of the most amazing photographers :-) she is a self taught photographer with a heart-wide open towards learning.
My day started of with an early start, I had to meet the photographer at Embankment station for 7am. I was so excited to finally meeting her as I have previously been talking to her. So the day began we headed to trafalgar square which was our location for the shoot. My job was to dress the model, while shooting fix the dress make sure everything was ok!!! do her hair and help the photographer with anything :-) 
I had such an amazing day and the results are wicked!!!! I love it :-) 

Just wanna say Thank you to Wioleta for giving me this opportunity I had such an amazing day!!! 

Hope you enjoyed this post 



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