My favourite Pre-Fall 2014 and 2013 Designer collection

Pre-Fall 2014

I am a big fan of Erdem Collection... I can picture myself wearing his clothes!!!
What I love about his collection is very my style Girlie, boy meets girl, simple statement pieces, textures, collars and lace. He said in his review about his collection "The collection was a sharp distillation of what people love about Erdem: exquisite cocktail dresses, eerie florals, a sweet-turned-sour sophistication. He said he imagined "a schoolgirl in a kilt wearing her grandmother's coat." 

Erdem is a Canadian born British Turkish Fashion Designer  
Erdem’s influence filters down into the high street, despite his claims about not wishing to set trends. You will find Erdem-esque designs all over the high street these days, particularly in the summer seasons where stores channel the romantic, digitally manipulated blurred florals in floaty fabrics silk and lace. Fitted bodices and flaring skirts, feature heavily in Erdem’s collections. Vogue editor Alexander Shulman said of the award winner; "In Erdem I feel we have a very worthy winner... He makes beautiful clothes that already have a recognisable stamp that is his alone."

Pre-Fall 2013 
According to Erdem Moralioglu, the sexiest part of a woman's body is her collarbone. His pre-fall collection put it on show: strapless dresses, obviously, but also pieces yoked in sheer organza and provocative PVC.
Erdem cites his designs as ‘colorful, optimistic and oddities.’ His romantic, feminine designs are loved by fashionistas worldwide, as is his unique use of print. His collections incorporate pretty, playful prints, coquettish, colourful fabrics with feminine shapes and flowing drapes. Not interested in following trends as such, Erdem concentrates only on making women look beautiful. "I never think about what's sexy," he has said. "I don't agonise over whether her bum will look big in something. I focus on the silhouettes and the proportions and hope that takes care of everything." His designs are luxurious, beautiful and although fairly expensive, they are clothes that women want, and more importantly can wear. 


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