Out in Kew Gardens

My boyfriend has always wanted to take me to Kew Gardens.... he always said "In the summer we are going Kew Gardens, You would love it!!!!". So here I was... I was so happy that it was such a hot day, the sun was shining and sunglasses were on, I'm such a sunglasses girl.

Blazer - Brought in Poland
Shirt - Primark
Skorts - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Bag - Primark
Sunglasses - Brought in Poland

We entered from the front entrance, big grand gates, I was so excited, we got our tickets. The first stop was the Ice house it was so dark and scary I did not want to go in it was like a cave, we tired to flash our lights on our phones but that didn't help at all, I removed myself from that situation lol. Next stop was the Princess of Wales Conservatory, it was so beautiful full of so many different plants there was so many things to look at and take pictures of, I couldn't stop, I love taking pictures where ever I go you always need memories of your travels, there was also an Aquarium underneath which was really cool seeing the fishes under water, they had some amazing colours. Next stop was the Temperature house it was so so hot in there, it had plants from around the world, it also had a high balcony where you can view everything from below.

Now we was hungry so we got something to eat....OH MY GOD!!!! It was so delicious, I'm a lover of fish and this salmon was perfect with rice and veg it was mouth watering. So we made our way back on route... We was walking and walking, then oh my god!!! I look up it was so high, I was so excited :-) We made our way to the very top, what a view I could see everything from up here...it was amazing!!! my boyfriend was a little scared he doesn't like heights, we was above the tree tops, I felt like I was on top of the world I could do anything, we made our way to the end and headed back down. I LOVED IT!!!



  1. I love the shirt and skirt combination, I thought it was a dress. It looks lovely with the sandals. Simple and effective. Hollie x

    1. Hey Hollie
      How are you?!!! what you been up 2 in the blogging world?
      aaww thankyou :-)
      I like simple items


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