Are you going to be a guest at someone's wedding very soon.....?
Still looking for something to wear??
Can't decide what color, what style or length???
Looking for something that wont be the focus of the day but still stunning for pictures??
I love weddings, full of love, fun, music, get together, food and happiness :-) 
I love what I call (People watching) seeing what other people wear to weddings for inspiration.
Weddings are about creating memories, enjoying life, partnership and adventures with that special person.
What's your best part about weddings???
I've selected some of my favorite dresses, accessories from different designers and inspirational makeup and hairstyles you can do on that day.

                                             H&M                                                   COAST

       TED BAKER 

                                   TOPSHOP                                                       TOPSHOP

TOPSHOP                                                  TOPSHOP




Hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy hunting!!!



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