Whilst browsing on www.style.com all information from www.style.com with some of my own inputs. I've come across this amazing brand Alice + Olivia from designer Stacey Bendet, with this collection she was inspired by a trip to the famed palace, Bendet took inspiration from the modern art installations often hosted at Versailles, transforming one of her old friend Lola Schnabel's paintings into a print. I am loving this print that she took of the gardens during her trip. Influenced by the 70's and 50's which is the biggest trends that has come back this season. I absolutely love this collection I would wear everything!!! some stunning pieces.

Well well well it's my favorite designer that has not disappointed me once again!!! inspired by the centuries old interiors, with some stunning prints, I think designer is my top 5.

Oh my..... stunning stunning stunning!!! some amazing pieces from Roberto Cavalli, i'm loving the way he attached the sequins underneath the lace still sexy but not too over powering with sequins. Yes feathers are back!!! all I can say is Stunning!!

"She's a jet-set girl" running around all over Europe. Zoe offers up an aspirational element: She's the girl to whom she's referring, in persona, at least. She get's her inspiration's from where she travels, she say's "My inspirations don't change that much, but the location does."

Off course Elie Saab never disappoints me, I was blown away and in love with his collection, seeing his fashion show from A/W 2012-2013 to A/W 2014-2015 and SPRING 2015. Elie Saab is never going to send athletic attire down his runway - not even in the sense of clothes for running errands and such. Titled " Dive into the Deep Blue". Some amazing lace flirty pieces, stunning blue minimalist pieces and flowy prints.

Co has arrived. Two years on from it's launch, the L.A. brand helmed by Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern entered it's mature period this season, with a fully fleshed-out expression of its reserved yet romantic take on soigne women's clothes. There was more romance in the mix than usual this time out - no suprise, given that Danan and Kern's inspiration was Aurelie Dupont, former principal dancer for the Paris Opera Ballet. Blush, ruffles, floating volumes suggestive of the body in flight the ballerina influence here was palpable. (Info from www.style.com)

I'm loving this collection very chic with very simple, minimalist pieces.

So I guess i'm seeing Gingham the biggest trend this season Spring 2015, I love this trend always love abit of check and oh my god Stripes stripes stripes can't get away from stripes.... very sexy pieces.

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