Every person out their is looking to put together the perfect staple wardrobe that you can mix and match to create outfits...with just a few items. This is something I'm working on at the moment!!
Follow this check list and you will have the perfect wardrobe you have always wanted.
1. Have a clear out 
Go through everything in your wardrobe, do a keep me pile, Maybe pile and a Definite No No pile.
Once you have sorted out your clothes into sections you can give away to your Friends/Family, sell or give to charity your No No pale. With your maybe pile see if anything can be worn with your Keep me pile, if not give away. Once you have done that with your Keep me pile hang them up in your wardrobe and write down what other garments are needed to complete your outfit.

2. Make sure you have the basics covered
With the garments you have left is any of them your basic pieces such as a white t-shirt, white shirt, jeans, black tee etc. If not you need to write out a list of all the basic items you will need and go buy them. These items are the most important pieces you would need in order to start your outfits.

3. Have you got that Perfect Black Blazer
Hhhhhhmmmmmmm finding the perfect black blazer can be a little frustrating. You want to make sure it fits correct, it's the right style for your body shape, its long enough, it's tailored and its a good price.
Every girl needs a black blazer even the boys too, this is for you also if you need help????.
The black blazer can be worn from day to night, for an interview, work, casual with some jeans, on those summer days and for a night on the town. It can transform your outfit completely.

4. Don't forget the Accessories
This is my favorite part of the perfect wardrobe, accessories is the real statement piece that you need to add to your outfit. With a simple outfit the best accessory is a chunky necklace, just add that perfect statement bag to wear with every outfit, the right shoes whether its flats, heels or boots. Have at less one statement scarf that will go with everything and that perfect hat.... my favorite is the Fedora Hat it is very versatile.

 The White Tee - TOPSHOP                                    The Black Tee - TOPSHOP
The Blazer - Newlook
The White Shirt - ZARA
The leather Jacket - Forever 21                               Black dress - Miss Guided  
White cami - Miss Guided u need to have black and grey also 
Chambray shirt - H&M
Check shirt - Forever 21 
Blue Jeans - ASOS Also need some white jeans for summer

Black Jeans - ASOS                          Stripe top - Urban Outfitters
Ripped Jeans - ASOS
        Long-line Black Cardigan - TOPSHOP             Long-Line Grey Cardigan - TOPSHOP
Leather Skirt - TOPSHOP
Jumpsuit - H&M
Denim Shirt - Newlook
Kimono - Miss Guided 
When picking the right kimono go for a pattern that will go with plain simple outfits to make this your statement piece.
Statement necklace - Miss Guided
Black Bag - Riverisland
Black heels - TOPSHOP
Black Flats - Miss Guided 
Trainer - Miss Guided  

Hope you enjoyed this post
I hope you found it helpful!
Would love to read your comments 



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