Personal Styling: Burgundy Trousers


My sisters fiance wanted ideas on different ways he could style these burgundy trousers, I showed him 6 ways he can transform just one trouser using his current wardrobe for so many occasions whether it's for a casual day look or a smart dinner date. These burgundy trousers is probably the most worn piece in a guys closet during wintertime. These items was not brought recently, but i'm sure you can find similar pieces to make your outfit. It's such a strong color whatever you put with it you'll certainly be asked "Where did you get those trousers?". I have been often told after this styling session by my sister that he has worn most of the outfits I styled for him already and more is to come!! I'm very happy about that :-).
I love it when an outfit I have styled makes the person feel good and confident. 

The most important questions I ask is:
1.Would you wear this outfit?
2. Would you have ever put these pieces together?
3. Do you like what your wearing?
4. How does this outfit make you feel?

Now i'm going to show you the 6 different outfits I styled for him using just the burgundy trousers.
Hope you enjoy it!!

OUTFIT 1 - Working with denim
Denim shirt - Levi's
Burgundy trousers - Criminal Damage
Shoes - Nike

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OUTFIT 2 - White shirt and grey jumper
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Jumper - Ralph Lauren
Chinos - Criminal Damage
Shoes - Converse High Top

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OUTFIT 3 - Check Shirt
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Trainers - Nike air max 90s

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OUTFIT 4 - Spot Shirt and Black tie
Blazer - H&M
Shirt - H&M

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OUTFIT 5 - Printed t-shirt and Grey hoodie
Hoodie - Nike
T-shirt - Nike
Trainers - Nike air max 90s

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OUTFIT 6 - Navy Jumper and Timberlands
Jumper - F&F (Tesco)
Shoes - Timberlands

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Hope you enjoyed this post 



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