I love updating my closet with new pieces. I must say I am a shopaholic but sometimes my closet can get too overflowed, I mean my closet is not very big as you can see in my YouTube videoSo I do have to get rid of some of my clothes. For me spring cleaning your closet is so much fun! You get rid of the old and in with the new. Re-Organizing is the next best thing whether buying new hangers to display your clothes or buying a organizer storage display. Today I'm going to answer a few questions to tell you how I spring clean my closet for each season!

How do you decide what to toss, donate or sell?

When deciding what to toss, donate or sell I create 3 separate piles.
The toss pile is items that is damaged, possibly shrunk in the wash, has a stain and smells old.
The donate pile is items that does not fit.
The sell pile is items that is in good condition and items that does not fit.

How do you decide what to keep for next season?

Well for me deciding what to keep is items that will last all year round, they do not go out of season and they are the most versatile pieces you can wear for every occasion.

Is there certain items you typically buy new each season?

I must say a stripe top is definitely the one items you can buy each season because they come in a variety of different styles and colors whether it's a vest top, long sleeve, shirt, t-shirt or off the shoulder.
Jumpers you always need each season living in London you don't really get much summer.

Where's the best places to get rid of your clothes?

I love doing car boot sales they are such a great day out, you can talk to people it feels like your own shop, you can also sell on eBay and a app called depop.

What's your top pieces you need in your closet that will last you all year round?

Trench coat, Stripe top, black jeans, leather jacket, cream jumpers, boyfriend style coat, polo neck, white shirt and jumpsuit.
 Stripe top                         Trench coat 
 Black Jeans                            Jumper
 Leather Jacket                                  White Shirt
 Polo neck                      Jumpsuit
A few tips for the guys in cleaning out your closet including socks and underwear

1. If you have socks that you haven't worn or that is damaged please throw them away.
2. Underwear if they don't fit or the color has faded get rid of them, but to save you money of buying new underwear every time invest in men's underwear from Tommy John they make modern undergarments for the modern man. Innovative design and fabric technology mean no more pulling, squishing, tangling or bunching - no matter how a man moves.
3. When it comes to clothes including those shirts that you have had for over a decade that is your favorite top for pulling girls yes I said it! You have to throw that away or give to charity. Don't keep items that you have not worn or that you think you will never wear again. You have to embrace your wardrobe and feel great in the clothes you wear. You do not want to look back with not have worn that shirt or jeans.

Hope you enjoyed this post 



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