WOW UP TO 45% OFF ENDS 21/03/16

Good Morning everyone it's Wednesday!! It's mid week and today I am going to share with you some of my favorite pieces from I thought I would base this post on items to take with you when you go on holiday. The essential pieces and also those pieces that will make you stand out and look great with a tan! I am going on holiday to Poland in August so I am looking for some new summer pieces to spice up my trip. So Shein is offering you 40% off when you spend $55 or more all you have to do is enter code DS40 at the check out and also 45% off when you spend $105 or more by entering code DS45, how amazing is that!!!!

My tips for packing for a holiday: 

1. Make a check list 
2. Organize your outfits for everyday.
3. Make sure you pack everything you need you don't want to forget anything.
4. Bring at less 5 bikini's 
5. Remember those sunglasses.
6. Don't forget your sun hats.
7. Roll your clothes instead for folding, they crease less!
8. Bring pieces that can wear with everything make your outfits as versatile as possible.
9. Keep your makeup separate. 

Hope you enjoyed this post



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