"Bershka's public is characterized by adventurous young people, who are aware of the latest trends and are interested in music, social networks and new technologies"

Recently I've started liking Bershka!!! they have some amazing pieces at affordable prices Spring is almost here! and I can't wait.... I seriously want to live in a hot country. To me having this kind of weather is quite depressing and you just feel miserable... but to keep me up beat I've put this blog post together for you to show you some of my favourite pieces that's on my Wishlist for spring featuring Bershka!! Which item is your favourite???>>>> 


1. Black Bomber 2. Pink Bomber 3. Camel trench  4. Khaki Trench 5. Denim Jacket 6. Belted Vest 7. Red Blazer 8. Stripe dress 9. Off Shoulder ruffle dress 10. White Off Shoulder dress 11. Multi-color stripe dress 12. Ribbed V-neck dress 13. Jumpsuit 14. Skinny Ripped Jeans 15. Cropped Raw Edge jeans 16.  Denim Culottes 17. White off shoulder top 18. Denim off shoulder 19. Long stripe skirt 20. Grey knitted skirt 21. Red wrap top 22. Bikini top 23. Bikini Bottoms  24. Orange pompom bag 25. Black Strappy Shoes 26. Blue Lace up heels 27. Multi-color heeled sandals 28. Orange Clogs 29. Metallic Trainers 30. Tan Sandals 31. Black Zip Trainers 32. Necklace 33. Nail Vanish  34. Khaki Hat 35. Sunglasses 36. Stone rings

 Hope you enjoyed this post 


Happy Shopping!!


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