What Every Man needs to Create the perfect Work-Wear Wardrobe

Need help creating the perfect Work-wear Capsule Wardrobe?! 
Work-wear doesn't have to be boring!
In today's post i'll be showing you the top 10 must have pieces every guy should have in their wardrobes. Coming soon!! In my next post i'll be putting these items together to make 20 outfits so stay tuned for that!! but for now its all about what you need first in order to help you to create those 20 outfits. When it comes to work-wear most men tend to stick to wearing a suit or just a shirt and trousers, some are afraid to adventure out their comfort zone. With these pieces you sure are going to stand out from the crowd at your work place but still looking professional. 

Want to keep warm in the winter but don't want to wear a thick jumper switch it up by wearing this fitted polo neck underneath your blazer. Looks great doesn't it :-)
I love this outfit very smart but can be also be worn for a casual smart day too. 
My top places to shop for a polo neck is H&M, TOPMAN, TED BAKER, ZARA MEN, COS, GAP. or MATALAN.

Replace your White Shirt for this Denim shirt. The Denim Shirt comes in a variety of different colors Dark denim, light denim, Grey, Pink or White. It also can be worn so many different ways; with smart trousers, denim jeans, with a leather jacket or blazer, layered underneath a sweater or worn open with a t-shirt underneath. A Denim Shirt can also be worn casually too with some shorts or with jeans and trainers 
My top places to find the best white shirt is PRIMARK, ZARA, TOPMAN, H&M, ALL SAINTS, RIVER ISLAND or URBAN OUTFITTERS.

Add your casual check shirt into your work wardrobe, throw on your tapered crop trousers or jeans and add that blazer.  When shopping for a check shirt you have so many styles to choose from big check design, small check design, variety of different colors and different fabrics. 
I love a check shirt on a man brings out he's country side! But also is very smart for that evening drinks after work.
My top places to shop for a check shirt is URBAN OUTFITTERS, H&M, TOPMAN, MATALAN, PRIMARK or  ASOS.
Of course you need a classic stripe t-shirt in your wardrobe? A stripe t-shirt is not only for everyday but for work-wear too. The Classic stripe t-shirt is so versatile it literally goes with everything! 
My top places to shop for a white t-shirt is H&M, ZARA, TOPMAN, M&S, PAUL SMITH, NET-A-PORTER, NEWLOOK or PRIMARK

It's time to show off those ankles, put away those skinny jeans. Jeans are not only for wearing everyday, now they are ready for work. These jeans are so versatile, it can be worn with boots, brogues or trainers. They can transform a casual outfit to smart add a blazer, white t-shirt and brogues the perfect outfit or even add trainers. You can even customize your favourite long skinny or straight jeans into crop jeans, saves you money.
My top places to shop for crop jeans is TOPMAN, ZARA, PRIMARK or NEWLOOK.
Can I wear a bomber jacket for work wear? 
Of course you can! This season I have seen this trend everywhere on the high-street.
A bomber jacket can actually transform a casual outfit to a smart outfit. To make your outfit look professional add tapered trousers, white t-shirt and brogues.
My top places to shop for a bomber jacket is H&M, TOPMAN, ASOS, PRIMARK, MATALAN, ZARA or NEWLOOK.
Forget the Classic Black blazer try out this grey blazer. I know black is the safe option and will go with everything but so will the grey blazer too, you need to experiment.
Trying new things will increase your confidence, you have to own it! Stand out from everybody else.
My top places to shop for a grey blazer H&M, TK MAXX, ZARA, PRIMARK or TOPMAN.
Brogues are the perfect shoes for work, so comfortable casual but smart.
Can be worn with anything.
My top places to shop for brogues is OFFICE, TOPMAN, H&M, TK MAXX or PRIMARK.
Having a black t-shirt in your wardrobe brings out your rocky side. Bring that rocky side to work!
Black is so sleek and polished. An all black outfit makes you look and feel expensive. It's such a versatile piece that can be worn with anything.
My top places to shop for a black t-shirt is TOPMAN, PRIMARK, ZARA or H&M.
 As you know waistcoats are always seen worn at weddings but I must say it would be a fantastic piece to add to your work-wear capsule. It comes in a variety of different colors and textures, you just have to choose the right one. 
My top places to shop for a waistcoat is H&M, PRIMARK, TOPMAN, JOHN LEWIS, HAWES & CURTIS or MOSS BROS.

Hope you enjoyed this post 


Stay tuned 20 Outfits using these 10 key pieces         to create that perfect Capsule wardrobe!


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